The summer road trip is an American tradition that’s as popular as ever – especially for families on tight travel budgets. If your bank account is a little weak this season, you don’t have to forgo this summer’s getaway. With a little planning and a little creativity, you can cut the cost of a summer road trip even further.

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Gabriella M. Petrick, Ph.D., a lecturer at Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration, weighed in, saying that using this could help lower costs “A cooler!!! One way to save money when traveling on the highways and byways of the US is to have a cooler filled not only with water and your favorite drinks, but also stocking it with fresh fruits and other snacks. As someone who has crisscrossed the US, this not only saves money by shopping in local grocery stores, but also allows for more headful choices,” Petrick told the site. “While many gas-station convenience stores have healthier options, picking up local strawberries or peaches from farm stands or farmer’s markets also allow you to participate in the local food culture.”

There the top of tips to cut down the spending during your summer road trip

  1. Shop the internet for last-minute rentals. Unless you plan on staying overnight at campsites, you’ll need to secure places to stay at every stop on your trip.
  2. Find the best deals on gas. Take some time to check out local gas prices using a site such as In addition, many local TV news websites feature gas price trackers that are frequently updated.
  3. Plan meal stops ahead of time. Map out your route and find cheap or low-cost eateries that you know your group will enjoy. You may even decide to visit one or two of those kitschy places that always seem to put up clever signs along the highway.
  4. Pack an assortment of snacks. Filling snacks, such as granola bars, trail mix, peanut butter sandwiches and protein bars, can hold everyone over until the next sit-down meal. Packing your own meals means you won’t have to pay a premium for tasty snacks at convenience stores or grocery stores on the way. Save even more money by making your own.
  5. Do a vehicle maintenance check. Taking the time to get your car serviced before you start your adventure will reduce the risk of any maintenance-related mishaps, which can get expensive when you’re far from home.
  6. Snag deals at visitors centers. Be sure to make your rounds at local visitors centers when you’re staying in a new town or city for more than a day or two. You know what else is usually free at the visitors center? Advice from the staff on local events and attractions you won’t often find in the maps and coupons displayed on the racks. Asking is always free.

But whether you hop in a car or on a plane for your summer vacation this year, taking time off from work can be a great way to recharge with your friends and family.

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