Top 6 causes of accidents in United States of America

    Top 6 causes of accidents in United States of America

    Getting into an accident has some negative consequences which include deaths, injuries, and also loss of earnings.

    To avoid road accidents preventive measures should be undertake to ensure that less or no accidents happen. The article aims to educate the drivers both the new and the experienced on the various measures to undertake to avoid causing unnecessary accidents.

    1. Drunk driving

    This has been one of the major causes of accidents in the United States. When one is drunk, they lack the ability to focus and function properly which is very dangerous when driving. When drunk, there are less muscle coordination which slower the reaction time. This exposes most of the drivers to accidents which are preventable in today’s era.

    1. Distracted driving

    The traffic department has named distracted driving to be one of the top causes of accidents. The most common driver distractions are receiving a call, texting, eating food and also reading a book. Most of the near accidents that occur miss it within seconds of crashing that brings the cause to a high level. Police in all of the states have been alerted to ticket people who engage in distracted driving to reduce the number of accidents.

    1. Running red lights

    When driving a car, red sign on the road always means stop. Failure to stop on red lights has led to the occurrence of a number of accidents. Drivers that ignore the red lights are normally at a point of causing wrongful deaths that are as a result of the unexpected collision. Keenness should be key when driving to take note of the road signs present.

    1. Design defects

    No product is made perfectly, and cars do not fall from this exemption. If any of the parts of the auto mobile are defective, they can be a great cause of accidents. Some of the designs that have been known to be defective and have caused accidents are Ford Explorer and Toyota through unintended acceleration crashes.

    1. Unsafe lane changes

    When driving on a highway, there will always be a need to change lanes. Unsafe lane changes easily lead to accidents. When there is need to change lanes, always ensure that you make use of the turn signal, check the blind spots, and always ensure a safe change to the next.

    1. Improper turns.

    The reason why we have different signals erected on the roads is to designate the driver to the right turns. Roads are designed to have turns as opposed to straights line all through for the same course. To prevent the occurrence of these accidents always ensure that you take and obey the right turns on the road.

    It’s unfortunate how we have rising case of accidents occurring in the United States. Our best efforts can best be utilized by observing the road discipline which would minimize the accidents occurring on the roads. Safety starts with you, drive safe and accidents will be a thing of the past in the state.

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