Tragedy for Syria As Trump Freezes $200 Million in Aid

    Tragedy for Syria As Trump Freezes $200 Million in Aid

    Days after an announcement of the pulling out of the American soldiers in the war stricken country Syria, President Donald trump has ordered a freeze of $200 million dollars in aid for the country.

    The funds were meant for the recovery efforts in Syria. In their response, the state department has defended the move saying that the move was in in line with the President’s request to tale reviews of all the international assistance that US accords to different states and organizations. This according to the state is in line with the continuous re-evaluation of the assistance levels and how best the aid can be utilized.

    The US government however is in support of the efforts that the country has offered to Syria including in its war against their opponents. Apart from the supply of more than 2000 American soldiers, the country has supplied dozens of USAID and state officials. They have sent contractors to work in the mining, rubber removal and restoring of water and electricity to its worn out battle stricken areas to make the country livable and stabilize the conditions.

    In contrast to the president’s statement on troop’s withdrawal, a state official has laid out that despite the loss by the ISIS in controlling the country, the fight still goes on as they are determined to defeat the militants totally. Even with their withdrawal, the state notes of its continuous support that it expects from other states in support of the war stricken country. Through a statement, the state has encouraged other states to step in and share the burden of provision to Syria. The United States for years has put Syria’s need for assistance as a top priority in making significant contributions to defeat the ISIS and in the focus of stabilizing the country to benefit its citizens.

    In February 12th, President Donald Trump announced through a tweet that the United States was ‘stupidly’ spending almost $7 trillion to fund the Middle East. Hours later, Tillerson announced that the United States would be providing $200 million in efforts to stabilize the Syrian country. Amid a later donor conference held in Kuwait, the reports came in of non-increments of the aid. The small addition to the Syrian crisis brought the humanitarian assistance offered to nearly $7.7 billion.

    We spent $7 trillion in the Middle East. And you know what we have for it? Nothing,” Trump declared, he promised to utilize the money on building the country’s future and in creating more jobs and infrastructure at home.

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