On Friday, the American president Donald Trump issued economic sanctions against Russia. The sanctions affected the politicians, companies and also oligarchs from Russia. The new rules came in as America blamed Russia for the increased rates of corruption, Aggression and oppression from their bodies to the Americans. The imposition of the sanctions was majorly aimed at weaken the Russian president Putin’s regime politically, economically and also military.

According to the Americans’, it was just about the right time that the Russian people got to know the real America. It’s potential to protect what the people have worked for and what they have gained. It was time to show how strong the United States of America is. In his announcement about the new sanctions, the U.S treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said: “The Russian government operates for the disproportionate benefit of oligarchs and government elites. Russian oligarchs and elites who profit from this corrupt system will no longer be insulated from the consequences of their government are destabilizing activities.”

The most affected sectors by the sanction was 17 Russian senior government officials, a state owned Russian trading company, 7 extremely rich and power Russian Oligarchs and 12 companies that they are said to own. Containing of corrupt people who seem to take advantage of the Russian Government corrupt and destabilizing aggression around the world was the best and necessary step for them.

The best and effective way that the United States government can use to put to a stop the Russian president behavior is through economic and military defensive actions. This is owing to the fact that Putin is actively involved in the Iran, Syria and Northern Korea violent and aggressive regimes. The actions taken by the Russian president since he took power have over and over again revealed his true violent character.

From 2016, Putin has been involved in a couple of malicious attacks including the Cyber-attack, the involvement in the nuclear missile program that took place in Northern Korea. The decision to take on sanctions against Russia has proved to Russia that America is serious on defending what’s theirs and take action for any negativity that would destabilize the Russian regime in many sectors.

United States sanctions against Russia is only the start, there are other strong policies to be taken against Russia. Being the most powerful state in the world, America has got what it takes to make Putin swallow a humble pie and back down. The ultimate goal will be to restore the country’s glory and bring back sanity to the two powerful states with whichever strategy that works.

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