Trump Versus Putin, Whitehouse Upholds the Friendship Over War.

Trump Versus Putin, Whitehouse Upholds the Friendship Over War.

According to some senior administration officials in Whitehouse, there had been talks with Donald’s Trump national security team with the president to convince him of signing a plan to supply weapons to Ukraine in aid in of their war with Russia.

After some time, the president authorized a shift to the major policy as he asked his officials not to tout the change in public as doing so would agitate the Russian president Vladimir Putin.

White house declined to comment on the issue. What is puzzling about president Trump is the continued divide with the Russian president but still wants to uphold their public postures. Trump hopes for increased relations but doesn’t want to appear weak and appeasing the media and the critics at the same time. The two are always on the issue on to why the United States president is always in short of kind words for the Russian president.

The critics have had it that the two enforced relations have had attached forces with claims that Trump was involved in the Russian Presidential Elections in 2016. Continued investigations into the matter have continuously proved it but the United States President Trump has continued to deny.

The relations are short lived, earlier this month the Russian president Putin issued a threat and a boast that the country has enough and capable nuclear weapons that are capable of hitting U.S. Trump did not take this threat lying down and a change to a sharper tone was necessary. He questioned Trump’s strength and ability to rule America where he accused him of adversary.  Together with the fact that he was stimulating an attack against the American people, this got under the president’s skin and a retaliation was necessary.

According to the Whitehouse officials, after the threats, trump called leaders from France, Germany and UK where he warned them of how serious and dangers the threats sounded.  He called for the need for them to stick together and form a strong front that would win against Russia in case of any attack.  A source in Whitehouse revealed of a call made to Whitehouse by Putin after his re-election. : “If you want to have an arms race we can do that, but I’ll win” Trump assured Putin. In his remarks about the issue to his officials, he said he hoped that the Russian president was only getting rhetoric and bragging for securing a budget worth $700 million which was America’s highest.

On a statement to the press later, Trump assured the press that there was peaceful relations with the Russians and had just had a fruitful phone call. This was not going down any time soon as less than a week later U.S called for the suspension of 60 Russian diplomats that started the on-going diplomatic war. This was the highest number since the cold war happened. This has since put their troubled relations on display again with Trump still holding onto good relations with Putin over the war.  In a similar response, the Russians have expelled 60 U.S diplomats in their country, Trump has remained silent on the issue still insisting of ‘working with Russia’.

Two weeks ago Trump issued sanctions to Moscow for their interference in the US elections that had caused a major cyber-attack. None decided about the issue, he defended Russia with its non-involvement in the elections but later changed his mind after the weapons attack threat made by Putin. Since the approval of the sanctions, the president has given his officials mixed reactions and feelings and the fact that they ought not to talk about the issue publicly. As one official has it, “Trump thinks that a better relation with Russia is good and he holds the belief that he can deliver it.”

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