This was before the rise of the terrorist Islamic State Militant Group ISIS. Years later and the group has become stronger and gained more ground to transform Syria into a war stricken country. By the year 2013 and 2014 the group had merged to form ultraconservative Muslim groups following the invasion on Iraq in 2003.

Days ago United States and Russia have agreed that the war is nearly coming to an end and they plan of withdrawing their troops. This was reached at after the Russian foreign affairs ministry spokeswoman informed the state run RIA that the militants were mostly defeated and the counter terrorist operation located near the Syrian capital was almost over.

In the same tone according to a journalist from state house, Donald Trump has termed the presence of the American soldiers in Syria illegal and has planned to end their war soon. Since 2014, the US has been involved in the bombing of militants where they swapped their support to Arab Sunni Muslim Syrian opposition for Syrian Kurdish groups such as the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

The Russians later joined the war to assist the Assad’s embattled armed forces to fight along Iran. These efforts from Russia and US have heavily contributed to the end of war in Syria for years. Recently, Syria has called on the U.S and Turkish government to withdraw their troops from the now war recovering country.

According to the Russia Special Forces Commander Raymond Thomas, his country has the power to force out the U.S forces out of Syria. This is owing to the sole reason as to why the U.S was there as the ISIS had since been wiped out and it’s no longer a threat in Syria. Syria made announcement of its victory against the group in November last year which after the Russian troops were withdrawn leaving the U.S behind.

The United States have defended their presence in the country siting the need for security for the locals against any revenge from the ISIS group. The U.S ground coalition which was against the ISIS has come to a stop as the Syrian military fight the Syrian and Turkish rebels who are attacking the U.S.  The United States has since been accused of harbouring a part of the ISIS in one side of the Syria land a claim that they have denied.

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