Last month, the special counsel appointed to investigate the involvement of Russia in the United States Presidential elections informed president Trump attorneys that he doesn’t consider Trump a criminal but rather a subject in the matter. According to the Washington post, Muller made the comments while he was negotiating for a possible interview with the President. Three people, who were present during the conversation, cited the discussion. The interview according to a source, was to hold a talk with the president to know whether he was planning to stop the Russia investigation while still in office.

According to the post, trump is said to have been relieved with the statements with his advisors warning that this might be bait to get him pants down for an interview. Muller expressed his urgent need to interview the president for a concrete report which will be presented to Rod Rosenstein who is the Deputy Attorney General in charge of overseeing the investigation. Muller has the hopes of the report being made public after the interview.

John Dowd resigned from the president’s legal team after he tried to convince the president to decline Muller’s request for an interview. Contrary to that, other Trump’s attorneys have expressed the need for the president to undertake the interview with Muller given his position and reactions to the investigations. President trump considers Russia unruly interference with the United States election as witch hunt against the Americans.

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