The ultimate diaper bag out there

The ultimate diaper bag out there

And why all new parents need one

We all know that once you have a baby, you don’t just pop out to visit friends or family, it now becomes a complete mission.. You start preparing and gathering all the things you could possibly need for an outing with your new baby.. I’m talking pacifiers, onesies, diapers, wet wipes – you name it, you need it. Now you need the one item that every new parents must – The Diaper Bag!!!

Now a diaper bag isn’t just any old tote bag or backpack – it is a bag designed specifically to hold all your baby essentials. Making venturing out the house slightly less of a daunting task.

Ok so now you sold on the idea that you absolutely have to have a diaper bag – BUT there are just so many options out there, it can be incredibly overwhelming…

That’s where I come in. I was recently looking for a baby shower gift for a friend and thought a diaper bag is an absolute must-have… so I did the research and have narrowed it down to my absolutes faves.


WHY WE LOVE IT – This diaper bag was by far one of my favorites – everything is organized in neat compartments so there is no digging around or rummaging trying to find something. It is lightweight and not bulky but with enough space for all your necessities. It is functional, durable and unisex, so moms and dads will feel equally as comfortable carrying this bag around. It is made from high-grade material and is waterproof and rainproof and best of all wipes clean easily.

One of my favorite things about this backpack diaper bag is that it has a convenient wet wipe pocket – no finicky zips. So easy. And to top it all off there is a secret compartment at the back to keep all your valuables safe – so no worries about pickpocketers.

And as an added bonus you get not one, not two but 4 free gifts (who doesn’t love free stuff right?), you get a baby changing mat, a wet bag, a pacifier case and a large muslin blanket that is perfect for breastfeeding or as a baby blanket. It is designed by mothers for mothers (and fathers) so it is practical, functional and pretty.

KEEP IN MIND – This free gift is for a limited time only so you might want to hurry and by yours sooner rather than later.

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY “I love this backpack diaper bag so much – I love that it is a backpack which means that the weight is evenly distributed on my shoulders. My husband loves it as well” Lisa.



WHY WE LOVE IT – This backpack is stylish and sturdy and is large enough to fit all your necessities without being bulky. The padded straps mean it is comfortable to carry around all day. It is made from highly durable material and comes in two neutral colors (making it a more unisex product than others on the market). It is such a stylish backpack that you’ll want to use it yourself.

KEEP IN MIND – The zips can be a bit tricky when trying to get stuff out quickly.

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY “This backpack is so stylish even my older kids want one for school” Kerry.


WHY WE LOVE IT – This backpack comes in three different colors (personally I love the navy) with contrast zip tags. It has a total of eight pockets which gives you  more than enough room for everything you need. It has a leather bottom and wipes clean in no time. The zippers are durable and keep everything safe inside the bag.

And it comes with a free changing pad and is suitable for any stroller.

KEEP IN MIND – There is no special compartment to keep your personal items.

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY “This diaper bag is simply the best – it holds everything I need for a day out with my little on” Jeannie



WHY WE LOVE IT – This fashionable and functional tote diaper bag is perfect for the stylish mom out there. I love that it has a subtle stripe with contrasting accents and comes in three shades. This tote is made from high quality , durable material so it will last for ages and take lots of heavy wear. And not only is the outside easily wipeable but the inside as well.. This bag has nine pockets with ample space for everything you need which also makes it easy to find what you need in a hurry The bag includes a stroller strap and a changing mat.

KEEP IN MIND – It is a tote bag, so it’s not as easy to carry around as a backpack.

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY “I’ve bought one of these for every baby shower I’ve been to – they make amazing gifts and everyone loves them” Hannah.



WHY WE LOVE IT – This tote bag is super slick and stylish. It has a simple design and no one will be able to tell it is a diaper bag. It has nifty side pockets perfect from baby’s bottles and 10 pockets in the main compartment so everything is neatly organized. It also comes with a free changing pad and in three colors (black, white and pink).

KEEP IN MIND – it is not as gender neutral as a backpack – the tote is aimed more towards moms.

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY – “ I feel so stylish walking around with this tote diaper bag and I love the stroller hooks for on the go convenience” Steffi.



So, after looking at numerous diaper bags – from totes to messengers to backpacks – I can outright say my favorite is the Babytalia diaper bag. Not only is it stylish and practical but it is suitable for both moms and dads. It makes the perfect baby shower gift for boys and girls. But hey why take my word for it – buy one today and see for yourself.

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