Whiskey Stones – what you didn’t know you were missing and how an accessory can change your life.  

OK so recently I had a very real problem, admittedly a first world problem, but a problem nonetheless.  I had to get a gift for a friend who has absolutely everything. I love buying gifts but this was a real challenge because this is the man who if he doesn’t have it already he buys it for himself. We all have friends like that. Massage voucher has a regular one once a week, another gym top, got that in each color,  a CD downloads his own playlists, golf club – too expensive.

 So at my wits end I  sent out SOS messages and spoke to many friends and colleagues and they told me that the absolute must have for any self respecting man is a great set of whiskey stones. I was very skeptical at first… I had never heard of them, what are are whiskey stones? I had visions of actual rocks or like maybe some pretty crystals chucked into a whiskey glass…. So I consulted the Oracle (aka Google) to find out what exactly a whiskey stone is… turns out I was wrong… A whiskey stone is actually a cube of soapstone, granite or stainless steel that chills your liquor without diluting it or changing the taste. All you do is pop them in the freezer and when you are ready to pour a stiff one after a long day, you just take them out and voila… perfect temperature scotch/ whiskey or bourbon! (my eyes have been opened to an entirely new world of liquor consumption – like did you know that ice actually makes whiskey too cold?) Whiskey stones don’t get as cold as ice which is great because you end up drinking whiskey at the correct temperature for the ultimate taste and flavor experience. Pure genius.

So now that I had finally found the perfect gift another problem… There are so many products out there, which to choose… I was lost and completely overwhelmed! So I called up my trusted advisers on anything manly (aka the brothers) and asked their opinions and did some of my own research. I thought I’d pass on my new found knowledge, here are my top 5 Whiskey Stones  Judged on materials used, aesthetics and value for money

So in no particular order here are my top 5 choices.


WHY WE LOVE IT – These eight granite stones come in a beautiful pine box with a velvet interior – just screaming luxury and elegance. The Velvet bag is safe to use in the freezer and protects your stones while keeping out unpleasant odors. The stones are smooth and have smoothed down corners to prevent scratches. The stones are 100% granite meaning you are not getting any nasty things in your expensive whiskey.

These gorgeous stones not only come in a hand carved box but come with two whiskey tumblers. It also comes with a very handy instruction booklet.

KEEP IN MIND – The stones and glasses are dishwasher friendly but recommended to be rinsed by hand.

WHAT DEROTSCHILDS SAY – “These whiskey stones have completely transformed my whiskey drinking experience… Not only do they work like magic they look appealing with the rich amber hues of a great whiskey. I bought a set for all my groomsmen for my wedding that’s how much I loved them” Jake.


WHY WE LOVE IT – It comes with eight granite chilling stones and two full sized crystal tumblers. It makes a great gift for father’s day or for any important man in your life. They come in a pretty box and look great on display.

KEEP IN MIND – It does not come with an instruction pamphlet so you either need to guess what to do or google.

WHAT DEROTSCHILDS SAY – “These scotch rocks were presented really nicely in a beautiful wooden box. The glasses however I found slightly awkward to hold“ Adam


WHY WE LOVE IT – I love the fact that this set comes with a pair of tongs which is really helpful when making a drink. These stones are made from stainless- steel which gives your drink a sleeker look.

KEEP IN MIND – The box is a bit clunky and not as visually appealing as some of the other products on the market.

WHAT DEROTSCHILDS SAY – “I enjoyed the visual aspect of the stainless steel cubes – they really gave the whole drink a more elegant and refined look” Jake.


WHY WE LOVE IT – These stones are made from Basalt rock which is carefully handcrafted with smoothed out edges. It comes in a beautifully engraved box that you would happily put on display in your bar.

KEEP IN MIND – The stones are darker which might not appeal to everyone.

WHAT DEROTSCHILDS SAY – “I like the dark grey almost black finish of the rocks – it gives it a really edgy look and contrasts well with the hues of the whiskey” Adam


WHY WE LOVE IT – These titanium gold plated stainless steel rocks blend in really nicely with the golden tones of a good whiskey. They are dishwasher safe which is always an added bonus

KEEP IN MIND – There is branding all over the stones, so if you like me and hate branding on your items these maybe aren’t for you.

WHAT DEROTSCHILDS SAY – “Personally I found the gold a bit tacky but they did the job. The box does look very nice behind my bar though” Jake.

So, after testing many many different brands and styles of whiskey stones and getting reviews from friends and customers and after much deliberation as well as seeing all the different accessories that come along with being a whiskey connoisseur, I can confidently conclude that BY FAR my favorite is the LORD’S ROCKS whiskey stone set box. Not only do they look classy but come in a beautiful box and truly provide what is advertised.  A perfect gift for the man who has everything.

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