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How many times have you arrived home and all you wanted was a nice glass of wine? You think about it on the way home from work after a particularly strenuous day, in your mind you are sipping this delicious drink Picturing that nice cold white or that perfect room temperature red. You get home, choose something to watch on Netflix’s – grab a glass from the cupboard and the bottle of wine all ready to unwind…..BUT your wine opener is not working properly

– you struggle to cut the foil wrapping – cutting more of your fingers than the actual foil and then you can’t get the bloody cork out. Or you getting ready for a romantic night in or even a dinner party with some of your besties and you look like the idiot who can’t open a bottle of wine.

I can’t be the only one who this happens to???

I have tried bottle opener after bottle opener each claiming to be the best out there.

Surely being able to open a bottle of wine is a skill you have acquired now that you are an adult?   

(Remember once, in sheer desperation, pushing the cork into the bottle?)

I was commiserating with a couple of friends recently, over a bottle of wine that I managed to open, when I discovered I was not the only one with this problem..  My friend is a waiter and works at a fancy guesthouse said that there was nothing more embarrassing than standing at a table struggling to open a really expensive bottle of wine. At least your friends are forgiving, nobody pays you to NOT open a bottle of wine properly.

Now don’t get me wrong it did bring a certain amount of joy to know I was not the only one who struggled with this issue – so after that I made it my mission to find the best wine openers out there. It took many attempts and bottles of wine but eventually I narrowed it down to my top 5.

So here is what I looked for- to me aesthetics is always important (so what it looks like), how well it works and what it comes with (everyone likes a few extra accessories).

Here are my top 5:

IT’S EASY NOW – Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener

WHY WE LOVE IT – Firstly this set has everything you need. In the pretty little box you get a rabbit wine opener and an extra corkscrew.  

A rabbit wine opener is a fantastic little gadget that allows you to open a bottle of wine with easily, no more breaking the cork into millions of pieces and ruining a great bottle of wine.

The set also includes four whiskey stones to keep your wine or other beverages nice and cold without diluting it.

It also comes with a foil cutter, so no more worrying about slicing your fingers open, stainless steel tongs for ice and a wine aerator (if you have no idea what this is don’t worry I googled it for you – a wine aerator is basically a thingy that you insert into the top of your bottle of wine that allows the wine to breathe and maximizing flavor and aromatic profile).

So this nifty opener is designed to suit any bottle and the handy leaver allows you to open the bottle almost immediately (trust me I tested it myself many times). It is so easy to use , even someone like me can use it. It also comes in a beautiful rose gold color, which is personally one of my favorite colors at the moment.

KEEP IN MIND – While it is advertised as having all these extras (and a free ebook) it is only while stocks last and there is a chance you could miss out if you don’t get yours soon.

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY I love this opener and all the fabulous accessories it comes with. It is so easy to use and looks so pretty… literally the best wine opener I have ever received” Lisa.

CORKLIFTER –  corklifter Cork Opener

WHY WE LOVE IT – This opener is really simple and easy to use. All you do is place the corklifter on your bottle of wine, pull down the leaver and then lift it up again and voila your wine is ready to be enjoyed. It has a built in foil cutter which means you don’t have to worry about an extra piece.  It comes in two colors, classic black and red, it also comes with an extra spiral.

KEEP IN MIND – There are no accessories, all you get in the box is the wine opener.

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY “I loved how easy it was to open a bottle of wine – no fussing or fiddling with different pieces of equipment” Kerry.

KITCHENOBEL – corkscrew wine opener

WHY WE LOVE IT – So this set comes with everything , a foil cutter, wine pourer, wine stopper, drip ring and a nifty opener. It is so simple to use – all you do is push down and pull up the leaver and ta-da you wine is open. It comes is a pretty little box with space for all the accessories so you don’t have to worry about losing any of the pieces.

KEEP IN MIND – All accessories are hand wash only

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY “I got this as a gift and I absolutely love it – its so easy to use and my go to gift for any housewarming” Wendy


ROYALUXE – Wine Opener

WHY WE LOVE IT – This easy to use rabbit wine opener comes in a beautifully designed gift box. In the box you get the opener, a foil cutter and a wine stopper. The Royaluxe wine opener comes in a pretty rose gold color. It makes a perfect wedding gift or housewarming gift.

KEEP IN MIND – It is hand wash only

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY I got this as a wedding gift and my husband and I absolutely love it – it has made drinking wine an even better experience” Hannah.



WHY WE LOVE IT – This is by far my favorite electronic wine opener. The battery is long lasting (lasting approximately 80 bottles of wine). At the push of a button the foil is cut and the cork is out in just 7 seconds – so quick and easy. It is compact and looks elegant and sleek.

KEEP IN MIND – You can use rechargeable or dry batteries.

WHAT DEROTSCHILD SAY – This is the best gift I ever received – its so simple and easy to use. I’d highly recommend it” Gillian.




So after testing many products, and asking the opinions of friends, I can confidently say that by far my favorite is the IT’S EASY NOW rabbit opener. Not only does it come in a really pretty color but it has all the accessories you could want (for a limited time only).. Now I don’t have to worry about corking another bottle of wine ever again. Honestly the best gift you could get yourself and it makes a fantastic gift for any occasion.

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