When He Showed Up, Money Began to Flow

When He Showed Up, Money Began to Flow

Alon Waller, the founder of DigitalMarketer Limited, is here to pull you out of the mud by buying your App and allowing you to keep doing what you do best – focusing on creating more great Apps.

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You had a great app idea that cooked in your mind for weeks. You spent days and nights in front of the computer to bring it to life; you thought about all the small details and made countless improvements. The results are stunning; there is no doubt that you are a skilled developer. And yet, the App is running for almost a year, and no significant profit is in sight. 

You are not alone. Like many developers, you struggle in taking your App to the next level and probably feel composed when it comes to marketing. It is only natural when you are a professional developer whose marketing issues make his brain numb.

Maybe you are even proficient in marketing but just too busy with other projects or tired of managing all your apps. Either way, your resources are running out, and you are slowly sinking underwater.  

Alon Waller

Alon Waller, a digital assets investor and a marketing consultant, know something you don’t. Over the past four years, he’s been buying successful apps, in both AppStore and Google Play platforms, and helped over 1000 developers worldwide, from Germany to Vietnam, to liquidate their assets, allowing them to focus on their real passion- developing more incredible apps.

Alon’s story

Alon’s story began in front of a coffin, a deceased man was lying in it, and Alon looked at him through the x-ray scanner. He was a cargo worker at the airport. That same coffin is repeated metaphorically over and over in his everyday life. It was all the things he put his attention into without earning anything in return.

When he was left with absolutely nothing in a crucial moment of his life, he understood a critical lesson that helped him turn his coffins into treasure Chests. If you genuinely put your heart and hard work into something, it will give you a significant profit, but you can only put that much effort into something you love.

His passion yielded a very successful business that allowed him to assist many professionals – skilled developers who had no knowledge or will to market their products.


How does he do it?

By helping you to toss out any distress.
“Usually, my offer is equivalent to what they would probably earn in 2-7 years!” explains Alon. “They are talented people, and I understand their frustration. I bay their worries,” he says. By buying the App, he helps developers maintain their resources and liquidate their assets, allowing them to keep developing more Apps, that is, doing what they love knowing there is someone who will make their efforts worthwhile.


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